Local Waterproofing Company: Serving LA & Beyond

As an L.A.-based waterproofing company, Thome Waterproofing has handled a wide range of waterproofing projects, both at commercial properties and residential properties. Here’s a quick look at some of the most common services we provide for our clients.

Below-Grade Waterproofing

Whether you are building your dream home or in charge of a large commercial construction project, below-grade waterproofing is one of the most important steps you can take during any construction project.

Below-grade and below-slab waterproofing refers to waterproofing all areas of a structure that come into contact with soil. Waterproofing is crucial because soil soaks up water and the materials used to construct homes, offices, skyscrapers and other buildings tend to be porous.

The waterproofing method we use must stand up to continuous hydrostatic pressure, which is the force the water in soil exerts on a structure. While proper drainage and grading will alleviate some of this pressure, below-grade and foundation waterproofing is essential to protect the integrity of the structure and prevent water damage.

Ideally, all below-grade waterproofing would take place during the early stages of the construction process. We can provide you with positive side and negative side waterproofing. If you are dealing with tight urban spaces or soil issues, we also can provide you with blindside waterproofing, if needed.

Additionally, we can provide you with crawlspace waterproofing and while it’s rare in Southern California, we also can provide you with basement waterproofing. Wet basements and water-damaged crawlspaces can create instability in the entire structure. While basements are uncommon in our area, we have worked with clients whose homes include subterranean garages, wine cellars and other below-grade spaces to ensure that these areas are waterproofed properly.

Quality waterproofing can provide you with some peace of mind that your home will remain structurally sound and can eliminate the need for expenses such as sump pumps and water damage restoration.

Planter Waterproofing

If you have decorative planters on your property, these add to the ambiance, but proper planter waterproofing is needed to ensure the structural integrity of your planters and to promote healthy growth for the plants and small trees in these planters. We also can provide you with waterproofing for green roof installations, which is becoming more and more popular.

With proper drainage and proper waterproofing, you can avoid costly repairs as well as issues with mold and mold remediation costs. A well-drained, irrigated and waterproofed planter also means you won’t have to constantly replace dying plants, an expense that can add up over time as you’ll have to pay for the new plants and their installation. We also can utilize protection course waterproofing, which can chemically prune invasive root systems and provide long-term protection for your planter.

Waterproof Deck Coating (Including Decorative Coatings)

It’s a good idea to schedule balcony waterproofing and deck coating services every two or three years. While our region doesn’t have a lot of rainy days, sunshine and just general use can take its toll on your deck. Sweeping your deck often and occasional power washing, however, may extend the life of your deck coatings, as well as concrete pool decks and balconies.

We can provide you with basic deck coatings as well as pool deck coating, but we also can provide decorative coatings, which can greatly enhance the look of your property. Regular concrete can be transformed into a faux stone finish and dyed to alter the color and create a warm, attractive ambiance. We also can add a non-slip texture to increase safety around your pool, decks and walkways.

Repair Services

While waterproofing before a construction project is always the best option, if you have a building or home with water damage, we can repair the damage and provide you with quality waterproofing to protect the structure for the future.

We also can provide repairs if we come out to provide you with deck coatings, concrete pool deck coating, balcony waterproofing and planter waterproofing. We can restore these areas to their former glory and seal them up so that they can be enjoyed by homeowners or tenants for many years to come.

Why Thome Waterproofing?

While some waterproofing companies specialize in just one type of waterproofing, our large team of waterproofing contractors has many years of experience with multiple types of waterproofing (below-grade, deck coatings, planter waterproofing, etc.) as well as with many waterproofing systems.

Our experience with many waterproofing products allows us to match each client with the best possible waterproofing materials for their unique project. Of course, we are also licensed and insured and our founder, Jake Thome, oversees each project from start to completion.

Areas We Serve:

Thome Waterproofing can provide any type of waterproofing service you might need, and we serve all of Los Angeles and Ventura counties including Bel-Air, Beverly Hills, Calabasas, Canoga Park, Encino, the Hollywood Hills, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Studio City, Thousand Oaks, Van Nuys and beyond.

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If you need a local waterproofing company, the team at Thome Waterproofing is always here to help. Whether you have a large commercial waterproofing project or a small residential project, we can provide you with quality waterproofing that protects your structures from water damage.