The Thome Waterproofing Promise

Thome Waterproofing is committed to addressing your waterproofing needs and providing reliable, long-lasting results. Over our many years in the waterproofing business, we have established ourselves as a leader in the residential and commercial sectors while constantly adapting to the evolving technology and trends in the field. We strive to exceed the expectations of every client by understanding the challenges presented and meeting them head-on with a strategy and approach backed by years of professional experience.

Thome Waterproofing provides consistent, dependable results through a combination of expert installation and high-quality materials. Our services include:

Below-Grade Waterproofing — Below-grade (below ground level) waterproofing should be used any time a wall is retaining earth. In addition to being crucial to the long-term integrity of the wall, waterproofing will help keep you and your possessions dry, and your walls free of efflorescence and algae. For those considering our services prior to construction, bear in mind that fixing water leaks and the subsequent damage caused by it after a building is complete is much more expensive than preventing it by applying the appropriate waterproofing during construction.

Decorative Coatings — Thome Waterproofing’s services extend beyond prevention and repair to cosmetic applications. We offer an assortment of beautiful decorative coatings for pool decks, first-floor walkways and patios, driveways, or any other concrete on-grade location in which waterproofing is not required.

Planter Waterproofing — While attractive, if not properly waterproofed, planters over living space can lead to costly repairs for mold abatement, framing repair, landscaping costs, and the replacement of surrounding finish materials such as stucco, deck coating, and dry-wall—not to mention the cost of re-waterproofing the planter itself. Head off these costs by ensuring that your planter is professionally waterproofed by Thome Waterproofing’s seasoned experts.

Waterproof Deck Coatings — Whether you have a balcony or deck that requires repairs, removal and replacement, or new construction, Thome Waterproofing has the proper waterproofing systems and experienced, professional installers for the job.

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Recent Thome Waterproofing Residential and Commercial Waterproofing Projects

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