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Below Grade Waterproofing Services

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Thome Waterproofing Company provides comprehensive below-grade waterproofing services. Below-grade (below ground level) waterproofing should be used any time a wall is retaining earth. In addition to being crucial to the long-term integrity of the wall, waterproofing will help keep you and your possessions dry, and your walls free of efflorescence and algae. Whether the below-grade structure is a freestanding retaining wall or a critical foundation wall that abuts living space such as a subterranean garage, wine cellar, basement, crawlspace, etc., Thome Waterproofing provides the expertise and experience to assess and execute the proper waterproofing system to meet your needs.

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Just as there are different types of paints for different surfaces and applications, there are different types of waterproofing systems to accommodate a variety of scenarios. Systems requirements vary depending on access, type of wall (C.M.U., Shotcrete, Poured In Place, etc.), and tie-in conditions. Proper evaluation and implementation of the right waterproofing system for your distinct needs require an experienced professional. Thome provides the know-how to get the job done.

For those considering our services prior to construction, bear in mind that fixing water leaks and the subsequent damage caused by them after a building is complete is much more expensive than preventing it by applying the appropriate waterproofing during construction. Money saved by using a low-cost waterproofing system today could result in an expensive repair and cleanup should a leak develop. Be wary of using initial cost as a means by which to choose a waterproofing system. Thome’s extensive knowledge of materials and systems ensures that you will get the best waterproofing system for your project at the best price—the first time around! Call or email today for a no-cost, no-obligation estimate for your new or existing below-grade project.

Below Grade Waterproofing Materials and Processes

Ecodrain E—Drain Board

Thome Waterproofing Company provides excellent, long-lasting results through a combination of expert installation and high-quality materials. No corners are cut when selecting the proper resources for the job. When it comes to reliable waterproofing, the quality of the drainage composites used makes a huge difference in the integrity of below-grade projects. It’s for this reason that Thome Waterproofing Company uses ECODRAIN-E Drainage Composites—specially engineered to provide dependable drainage and protection to subterranean waterproofing applications. Click here to read more…

Ecodrain-DS Footer/Strip

Ecodrain-DS Footer/Strip Drainage provides an effective footer drainage system while removing the need for pipe and gravel, which subsequently lowers the cost of materials—a savings we pass on to you. This innovative and economical system yields a higher flow rate (better performance) and increases overall construction productivity. Click here to read more…

ECOLINE-R Liquid Applied Membrane

Thome Waterproofing utilizes ECOLINE-R Liquid Applied Membrane for application on a variety of surfaces including: uncured concrete, block, wood, insulation board, tile, and metal. This durable membrane can be used to waterproof decks, walls, and water retainment structures as well as repair cracks, joints, and spalled areas. ECOLINE-R Liquid Applied Membrane is not only effective and reliable but non-toxic and LEED approved. Click here to read more…

Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing MiraCLAY

Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing (CCW) MiraCLAY is a specifically constructed system, composed of sodium bentonite clay encased between two layers of woven and non-woven, puncture resistant polypropylene fabric. CCW MiraCLAY offers significant improvements over traditional bentonite cardboard panels by combining the latest in geotextile technology with the proven waterproofing capabilities of sodium bentonite. Furthermore, the Infrared process thermally fuses the needle-punched fibers to the polypropylene fabric, locking the sodium bentonite into place regardless of incline or hydration cycles and providing a thermally bonded membrane. Click here to read more…

Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing MiraDRAIN 6000

Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing (CCW) MiraDRAIN 6000 is a high-performance, high-strength drainage composites consisting of a three-dimensional, high impact polystyrene core, and a non-woven filter fabric. The filter fabric is bonded to the dimpled polystyrene core to minimize fabric intrusion. The fabric also prevents the passage of soil particles into the core, while allowing water to pass freely. Click here to read more…

Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing MiraDRAIN 6200XL

Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing (CCW) MiraDRAIN 6200XL is a high-performance, high-strength drainage composite designed to offer extra protection to CCW Waterproofing Membranes. We utilize MiraDRAIN 6200XL in high-flow, high-compressive-strength, vertical drainage applications where single-sided subsurface drainage is needed. There is no substitution for a thorough plan executed by experienced professionals. We pay attention to detail and MiraDRAIN 6200XL provides crucial fortification of the waterproofing membrane, a step that prevents potential problems with the waterproofing system and subsequent repairs. These seemingly small safeguards save our customers money and headaches in the long run by ensuring that the job is done right the first time and eliminating the need for future maintenance. Click here to read more…

Carlisle Coating & Waterproofing MiraDRI 860/861

Designed for below-grade foundation walls, Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing (CCW) MiraDRI860/861 is a self-adhering, sheet-applied, waterproofing membrane that provides long-lasting protection for your subterranean structure. Applications include walls, slabs, parking decks, plaza decks, tunnels, and many other interior and exterior applications. Incorporating all the benefits of factory-controlled properties and the waterproofing characteristics of asphalt, MiraDRI 860/861 maintains long-term, leak-free fortification that eliminates the need for subsequent repair work. Click here to read more…

Carlisle Coating & Waterproofing Root-Barrier

Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing’s (CCW) Root-Barrier is a high strength, specially formulated membrane designed for the CCW Green Roof and CCW-500R Waterproofing Systems. It does not contain plasticizers that can migrate to the surface and attack some asphalt- based materials. Click here to read more…

Carlisle Coating & Waterproofing 200V/300HV Protection Fabrics

Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing (CCW) 200V/300HV Protection Fabrics are exceptionally durable nonwoven polypropylene protection courses specifically designed to protect CCW waterproofing membranes. 200V and 300HV Protection Fabrics are engineered to protect vertical and horizontal applications, respectively and CCW 300HV can also serve as the critical moisture retention element in CCW green roof systems. Click here to read more…

CETCO Voltex & Voltex DS Bentonite Geotextile Waterproofing

CETCO Voltex is a highly effective waterproofing composite comprised of two polypropylene geotextiles and a minimum 1.10 pounds of sodium bentonite per square foot. Sodium bentonite is a non-toxic mineral of volcanic origin found exclusively in the Black Hills region of the United States. Bentonite is specially processed by CETCO to achieve the highest possible performance for all of their waterproofing products. It prevents water intrusion by forming a dense monolithic membrane upon contact with water. The specially processed bentonite expands under confinement, forming an impervious membrane that will be maintained for the life of the structure. Click here to read more…

CETCO CETSEAL Sealant/Adhesive

CETCO CETSEAL is a multi-purpose, single component polyether moisture cure sealant/adhesive primarily designed for grade termination sealant, membrane lap sealant, and waterstop adhesive. Application of CETSEAL between concrete and membrane as well as between termination bar and membrane will ensure the integrity of any grade termination by providing a reliable and durable seal.

AQUADRAIN 100BD High-Flow, Base Drainage Composite

AQUADRAIN® 100BD is a high-flow strip drainage composite designed for collection and transport of water to discharge pipes at the base of a below-grade foundation wall. Used in conjunction with Aquadrain sheet drainage composites, AQUADRAIN 100BD provides an uninterrupted drainage flow path away from your foundation wall. Click here to read more…

Bentonite Injection Grout for Remedial Waterproofing

Bentogrout is a high-solids grout consisting of a proprietary blend of bentonite and polymers formulated for sealing water leaks in existing below-grade structures. Bentogrout is pumped in a fluid state adjacent to the exterior of the structure. When it sets, it transforms into a solid material forming a waterproofing membrane around the structure. Bentogrout can be used to seal leaks in concrete, masonry block, brick, and stone foundations. Click here to read more…

AQUAFIN-2K/M Waterproofing

AQUAFIN-2K/M is a state-of-the-art, load bearing, highly flexible cementitious protective and waterproofing coating, which can be used for a variety of applications requiring pliable protection from water intrusion. These applications include:

– Above or below grade, interior or exterior, horizontal, vertical, or overhead applications to concrete, cementitious overlays, masonry, brick, parging (render) cement backer units (CBU’s), oriented strand board (OSB), gypsum board (drywall), glass mat faced gypsum sheathing, plywood, steel, PVC, mastic asphalt (interior), roughened polystyrol, properly prepared existing cementitious terrazzo floors, ceramic, porcelain, and quarry tiles.
– Exterior (positive side) waterproofing of new or old below-grade foundations; balconies (stand-alone or under tiles), parapets, planter boxes (excellent root resistance), plaza decks, stadiums, topsoil-covered roof structures.
– Mechanical, equipment rooms and decks.
– Fountains, swimming pools, and other water features (under tiles or exposed as stand-alone).
– Underneath flexible thin-set tile mortars (i.e. shower pans, sanitary rooms, kitchens, pools, balconies, etc.)
– Potable water, wastewater, sea water, and marine aquarium tanks and other reinforced concrete structures.
– Sealing of cracks and construction joints with joint-sealing tapes 2000 and 2000-S.
– Over-coating and sealing of old bituminous dampproofing below grade.

If your waterproofing job requires a dependable, resilient, flexible solution, AQUAFIN-2K/M provides the adaptability needed to seal any surface. Click here to read more…

AQUAFIN-1K Cementitious Waterproofing and Protective Coating

AQUAFIN-1K Cementitious Waterproofing and Protective Coating is a ready-mixed powder, which forms a dense, waterproof, rigid surface barrier when mixed with water. AQUAFIN-1K has several horizontal and vertical applications including applying a waterproof coating to new or old structures, a base coat for AQUAFIN-2K/M in negative-side applications, sealing static hairline cracks in concrete structures not subject to movement, “bug hole” filler and scratch coat for “sacking” of concrete surfaces, and top coat over MORTAR-LN on brick and stone (rubble) walls. 1K is especially suited for waterproofing of masonry and brick substrates, basements, potable and open water tanks, fish ponds, swimming pools, elevator pits, foundations, and retaining walls. When it comes to concrete, brick, and masonry projects, AQUAFIN-1K is the waterproofing and protective coating for the job. Click here to read more…


AQUAFIN VAPORTIGHT COAT-SG3 (in short “SG3”) is a unique two-component, moisture-tolerant, low- viscosity, solvent-free, chemically enhanced epoxy based product which reduces the passage of water vapor and moisture through slabs on or below grade, thus eliminating delamination of adhesives, floor coverings and coatings. “SG3” can be used as a stand-alone coating. Click here to read more…

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