5 Benefits Of Professional Balcony Waterproofing

Balcony waterproofing isn’t just an optional aesthetic service. When done by a professional, it can save you money and protect your investment for years to come.

Whether you’re a homeowner, real estate manager or own a business with a high-traffic balcony or balconies, here are several good reasons to hire Thome Waterproofing to waterproof your balconies to

  1. Balcony Waterproofing Can Prevent Costly Repairs

Real estate experts say property management companies should save about 50% of their monthly rental income for repairs. If you own multiple properties or properties with many tenants, those repair costs add up quickly.

Professional balcony waterproofing protects your investment and can prevent repairs due to wood rot or water damage. Damp and rotting wood also is a breeding ground for termites, and these termites can work their way from balconies into the main structures causing thousands of dollars of damage. Regular waterproofing can prevent water damage and is less expensive than paying for repairs or a complete balcony replacement.

  1. Waterproofing Makes Properties Safer For Everyone

Without professional waterproofing services, your balconies and decks may be more likely to experience problems such as:

  • Mold
  • Cracking & Splitting
  • Buckling Wood
  • Dry Rot
  • Surfaces become slick and pose slip-and-fall risks

These problems aren’t just repair issues — they may open you up to a number of high-cost, high-profile lawsuits. Business owners could spend thousands on settlements with injured customers. In large apartment buildings and condo communities, getting behind on repairs may mean defending yourself in a class-action lawsuit.

In California, business owners and property managers are responsible for keeping outdoor areas in good repair via the California Balcony Act of 2018, also known as Senate Bill 721. With commercial balcony waterproofing, you’re keeping tenants, customers and yourself safe.

  1. It Can Increase Your Return on Investment

More than ever, potential buyers and renters want spacious, shaded and well-kept outdoor areas. They’re flexible extensions of living space. This is reflected in the potential ROI offered by balconies and patios, which real estate market experts estimate to be about 30% to 60%.

But how do you ensure your property’s balconies stay on the high end of that statistic? By protecting them with consistent, professional balcony waterproofing.

A durable, attractive, waterproofed balcony is the foundation of a dynamic outdoor living space. Show it off with the perfect outdoor lighting. Surround it with plants to turn it into an oasis that customers, renters or buyers will love to use. As people serve food and drinks, water flowers and scoot furniture around, your balconies and decks will always look their best and demand premium prices.

  1. Waterproofing Provides a More Professional & Boosts Curb Appeal

Imagine you’re in the market for a new apartment or condo. You’ve picked out a few options online and are going to drive by just to see what they look like in person. The first community, while full of stellar amenities and spacious units, looks a little dingy or plain on the outside. Thinking the inside must look about the same, you strike it from the list and move on.

The same can be said for retailers and business owners offering services to wide consumer bases. Would you trust an accountant or a doctor or a new brunch restaurant with weather-worn balconies or facilities that clearly need some improvements?

By hiring a professional balcony waterproofing company to treat your outdoor areas, you’re showing potential buyers and renters that you take pride in your property. With just a glance at your well-maintained balconies, they’ll know to expect stellar service and maintenance. You’re not just selling property — you’re selling peace of mind.

  1. Waterproofing is Vital to Your Building’s Structural Integrity

When a balcony is in a state of disrepair, the balcony itself isn’t just in peril. Your whole building is. Balconies get weakened by precipitation, UV rays and everyday use. When that happens:

  • Moisture from the balcony may degrade structural beams, supports and any doors or windows surrounding it. Dry rot and mold from a balcony’s surface may spread over time.
  • Leaks from one balcony may rain down on lower balconies. This causes further damage and may make you liable for replacing tenants’ outdoor furniture, planters and other personal items.
  • Weakened decks put stress on siding and exterior walls. As degraded wood, concrete or steel pulls away from the structure, it may damage your property’s important exterior details.
  • Water pooled on the deck may back up into the interior. This can cause thousands of dollars in structural or mold damage which means you won’t be able to use, rent, sell or lease the space for an extended period of time. This flooding may even cause unseen structural damage that could be catastrophic later.

With professional balcony and deck waterproofing, water won’t pool or otherwise damage your property. It’s an investment in the future stability of your building and profits.

Thome Waterproofing Can Help!

Thome Waterproofing offers commercial waterproofing and residential waterproofing services tailored to enhance the overall integrity and beauty of your business, home or real estate investment property.

Our decorative balcony and deck coating services make the blandest concrete or wood balconies shine with elegant color. With our balcony waterproofing service, even your most high-traffic areas will be resilient against the elements.

If you’re ready to make your home, condo community, apartment building, or commercial space a safe, attractive structure that will keep new customers coming and residents happy, contact Thome Waterproofing of Southern California today.

From safeguarding new structures to repairing older, more worn balconies, our balcony waterproofing services are tailored to your needs. We also offer planter waterproofing and foundation waterproofing for all types of commercial and residential structures. We work with a wide variety of waterproofing systems and are experienced with all types of waterproofing products.