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Planter Waterproofing Services

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Thome Waterproofing Company offers planter waterproofing services for both commercial and residential properties. By safeguarding your planter, we ensure the protection of adjacent structures, enabling long-lasting structural integrity for many years to come. Both built-in and freestanding site planters have been used by architects for years to help beautify properties. In recent years, as green construction has grown in popularity, we have seen an increase in planter and green roof installations. While attractive, if not properly waterproofed, planters over living space can lead to costly repairs for mold abatement, framing repair, landscaping costs, and the replacement of surrounding finish materials such as stucco, deck coating, and dry-wall—not to mention the cost of re-waterproofing the planter itself.

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Did you know that even with the use of the best possible waterproofing products and methods, your planters could still leak? There are critical steps that must be taken during the construction of a planter to ensure waterproof integrity. Failure to properly waterproof prior to building will result in costly additional waterproofing membrane application on the exterior portions of the planter. Unfortunately, the bulk of general contractors and architects are not aware of these necessary steps. We implement tried and true methods to prevent future headaches caused by leaky planters—we even have protection course that can chemically prune any invasive root systems to provide reliable long-term protection. Contact Thome Waterproofing today for your next planter project, whether it be new construction or remediation, we have the knowledge and the tools to get the job done right.

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