Pool Deck Coating: Improve & Protect Your Deck

If your pool deck is looking a bit worse for the wear, it’s probably time to think about making some improvements. At Thome Waterproofing, we can provide you with a pool deck coating that improves the look of your pool area as well as repairing any issues with the existing concrete.

3 Benefits of Concrete Pool Deck Coating

Whether you are a homeowner with a pool deck or perhaps the manager of an apartment community, resort or community pool, there are several reasons to consider updating your pool deck with a fresh new coating, including:

  1. Increased Safety – A slip-resistant pool deck is a safer pool deck! We can add a non-slip texture to the pool deck to ensure that you and your guests or tenants are as safe as possible as they enjoy your swimming pool and adjacent pool areas.
  2. Durability – While concrete pool decks are durable in general, constant exposure to sunlight and the elements will wear down your existing coating. New high-quality pool deck coating can protect your concrete and, if any repairs need to be made before coating, we can provide you with repairs as well.
  3. More Ambiance – While a basic concrete pool deck coating will look fresh and attractive, we actually can provide you with some unique design options. Concrete pool decks definitely don’t have to be boring. We can create faux finishes such as simulated tile, herringbone, king’s slate, flagstone, and cobbles and we offer a wide assortment of custom colors. Our decorative coatings can protect your concrete and transform your outdoor space into a resort-style paradise.

“Cool” Pool Deck Coatings

While new deck coating can make your pool look amazing, that isn’t the type of “cool” we are talking about. In Southern California, we know that the sun can really heat up the concrete surfaces, so many customers ask us about cool deck coating to reduce the discomfort of stepping onto a blazing hot deck.

There are several factors that can affect the temperature of your deck surface, not the least of which is the deck location. If the deck is fully exposed to the sun, it’s going to be hotter than a deck with some shade. Adding a retractable awning or a pool shade can help make the deck more pleasant on hot days.

For our part, we can select acrylic pool deck coatings as an acrylic finish tends to absorb less heat than other deck coating materials. A lighter color, such as a white coating, also will be cooler than a darker color. If you have a smooth pool deck surface, we offer pool deck resurfacing and can provide you with texture, which will be cooler than a smooth surface.

Our acrylic-polymer-modified coatings can be sprayed with a skid-resistant texture coat and then finished with a pigmented sealer that provides a durable, cool, slip-resistant surface. Not only will it look great, but it will also be much cooler on those hot summer days.

How Long Does Pool Deck Coating Last?

In general, the lifespan on your pool deck coating depends upon the types of materials used to coat the deck and the typical type of wear and tear your deck experiences. For instance, a pool deck with plenty of foot traffic or a pool deck constantly exposed to high temperatures or often exposed to pool chemicals will need resurfacing and coating more frequently. Sweeping away debris and occasionally power washing can help extend the life of your deck coating.

When it comes to materials, many of the coatings and overlays we use can last for many years, in some cases 10 or more years with proper cleaning and care. Our goal is always to match each customer with the best possible materials to ensure that pool deck coating won’t be needed for many years to come.

Using an experienced (and licensed) local contractor is the best way to ensure that your pool deck coating not only looks amazing but also is applied correctly to the surface and that the best types of coatings are being used. While there are plenty of DIY projects homeowners can tackle, it’s typically best to hire professionals for any type of coating or waterproofing projects.

The Pool Deck Coating Process – What To Expect

The first step with any pool deck coating project is to prepare the deck, which includes a thorough cleaning as well as making any necessary repairs to the deck. Before applying any materials, we mask off the area to ensure that adjacent structures are not affected by spraying.

Typically, at this point, once the surface is clean, we will add a primer to the pool deck to improve the weather resistance and to help prevent cracks. Once the primer step is complete, we can apply the protective decorative coating and then apply any texture that you want.

If you opt for a complete deck resurfacing, this will add some time to the project, especially if you choose any of our faux finishes. Typically, the entire process could take about 3 to 7 days, but this does depend on the scope of the project and the steps needed to complete the project. Usually, you can begin to use the pool deck just 24 hours after sealant has been applied.

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