Professional Deck Coatings: Protect Your Deck, Patio & Balcony

A deck is a wonderful addition to any property, but without proper waterproofing, you risk damaging these structures. At Thome Waterproofing, we can provide you with professional deck coatings that will protect your deck, patio or balcony from water damage and sun damage.

What Is Rubber Deck Coating?

When we talk about applying a rubber deck coating, we don’t actually apply rubber to your decking materials. A polyurethane deck coating or elastomeric deck coating is what we might apply.

The ultimate goal with any of these materials is to create a waterproof surface that protects the concrete, wood or composite materials. These materials also can help mitigate sun damage and damage from spills and from plants and leaves that might stain the surface.

We are familiar with a variety of waterproofing membranes and will select the best options for your decking materials. In general, these types of waterproofing tasks are best left to professionals. While you can complete the process on your own, it’s arduous work that includes cleaning and properly preparing (and repairing) the deck before the application of deck coatings.

Applying rubber deck coating and waterproofing materials also isn’t as easy as you might think, but we have the equipment and experience to handle these tasks correctly and at a much faster pace than a homeowner.

With a wooden deck or composite, you also must ensure that under-deck waterproofing is handled properly. Without under-deck waterproofing, you risk serious structural damage to your deck. Drainage also may be an issue that needs to be addressed before we apply waterproofing materials, as we do need to ensure that rainwater and irrigation water is directed away from your deck, patio or balcony.

Which Type Of Deck Is Best?

If you have not yet installed a deck or patio, you have several options to consider. In general, decks and patios can be built out of concrete, wood or composite materials and each has advantages and disadvantages. Typically, people make decisions based on their own tastes and budget. Let’s take a quick look at each of these three options.

Concrete Decks

Concrete decks and patios tend to be less expensive than other decking materials. In addition to cost, concrete decks are highly durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. When it comes to weather resistance, concrete is less prone to damage from extreme temperatures and moisture or heavy rain than other decking materials. Additionally, concrete is fire-resistant which can be a bonus in our often wildfire-ravaged state.

In terms of deck coatings and maintenance, concrete decks will need to have deck coatings and sealants reapplied from time to time but usually not as frequently as with wood decks. Applying rubber deck coatings to concrete decks also tends to be an easier and less expensive process than with wood decks.

The main disadvantage of concrete decking is that it’s not as beautiful as wood materials and the ground does need to be level to add this type of decking, which can require additional expenses for grading. Still, we can increase the beauty of your concrete deck with our decorative coatings, and we can provide you with non-skid deck coatings which are perfect for any high-traffic areas and even concrete pool deck coating that can keep these areas cooler in hot weather.

Wood & Composite Decks

While a beautiful concrete or composite deck improves the look of any property, wood can be the most eye-catching option. There’s just something about a wood deck that improves the warmth and ambiance of any outdoor space. Composite decks will look very similar to a wood deck, so if you want the look of wood but want a bit more durability and easier cleaning and care, composite can be a good option.

Wood decks, as with composite decks, also can be a good option if you are working on a slope or uneven surface as the ground won’t necessarily need any major grading in order to make a safe, secure deck.

Wood decks can be much more susceptible to weather-related damage than either composite or concrete decks. Prolonged exposure to sunlight and the elements can cause wood rot and even attract pests such as termites. However, many people will use pressure-treated wood or woods such as yellow cedar, cypress or redwood which tend to repel termites.

Still, all wood decks will need to be re-stained and re-sealed every few years and any necessary repairs will need to be made before applying any stain or deck coatings. Ensuring that you apply waterproof deck coatings on a timely basis should keep your wood deck in good shape for many years to come.

How To Maintain Deck Coatings

Many of our clients ask us how often you need to schedule deck coatings. In general, we recommend that deck coatings be reapplied every two years, as rain, sunlight and debris eventually will wear down the coating. This is true with both concrete decks and wood decks.

However, with extra care, you may be able to extend this time to three years or longer in some cases. Keeping your deck and coated surfaces free of debris and dirt can help, so we recommend frequent sweeping and occasionally rinsing off the deck to keep it as clean as possible. Clean up any spills as quickly as possible, as well, to prevent damage to your deck coating.

While proper cleaning may extend the life of your deck coatings, having coatings reapplied every two or three years is still far less expensive than repairing or replacing the deck. With composite decks, you typically don’t need to reseal the deck as often, but if the decking has faded, deck coatings can brighten the appearance of the deck, giving it a fresh new look. A well-sealed deck also is easier to keep clean, which is always a bonus.

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