Under Deck Waterproofing: Why It’s Important

Waterproofing your deck is one of the most important things you can do to protect it from damage and keep it looking brand new. You may think that water can’t get into your home from your deck, but it does—more often than you think. Under deck waterproofing is a great way to protect against water infiltration considering decks are exposed to numerous elements like rain, snow, and moisture.

What is Under-Deck Waterproofing?

Under-deck waterproofing adds a layer of protection to the underside of your deck, protecting it from deterioration. If done correctly, waterproofing is essential for helping you avoid damage caused by time and weather.

Whether you have a two-story deck, or a deck just slightly raised above the ground, under deck waterproofing is crucial to maintain the deck’s integrity. Waterproofing ensures that the joists and beams are in good condition and not just the deck surface.

Even if the structure is built from decking materials that are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions (like composite or cedar wood deck), water could still get underneath it, causing a breeding ground for mildew and rot. Under-deck waterproofing helps prevent this from happening by creating a coating that keeps moisture away from areas it shouldn’t be. This extra attention to detail can go a long way in terms of protecting your deck from water damage.

Waterproofing Protects Your Investment

A deck can be a beautiful but expensive addition to a house. If your deck is not properly protected, it can be costly to restore. Protect your pockets and your deck’s deterioration with under-deck waterproofing which will create a barrier between your deck and the outside. It’s important to understand that waterproofing your deck is not just a matter of keeping it dry but extending the longevity of your deck’s life.

A deck coating will deter water from rain and snow from seeping into the cracks of the wood and causing mold or rot. If this is not done, the wood itself can become warped, discolored, or even begin to rot away, making your deck completely unusable. Protect your investment by waterproofing your deck and you can enjoy this outdoor living space for many years to come.

Protecting Your Deck = Protecting Your Family

A major problem that can stem from improper care of your deck is mold and mildew growth. If mold is not treated in a timely and effective manner, it could spread from your deck to your home without you even knowing.

This could cause serious health issues for those who suffer from allergies or asthma. Even if you don’t have these conditions yourself, protecting your family from this type of environment is especially important since children are particularly vulnerable to mold exposure.

Deck waterproofing will also reinforce the structural integrity of your deck, making it a safer and more family-friendly environment. Water damage is a big concern when it comes to decking because wet wood will eventually rot away if left untreated. This could lead to major structural damage in the future making your deck an unsafe environment for entertaining.

Defend Your Home & Deck from Water Damage

It is always important to waterproof any area with a high risk of water intrusion to avoid damage and serious problems that may arise in the future. Under-deck waterproofing is especially important since decks are often located near or attached to your house, where there is a big opportunity for moisture buildup.

This buildup can be especially problematic if you have a wooden deck that sits above ground level which is more prone to water pooling beneath it, in turn causing problems to arise much faster than a deck that sits flush to the ground.

Deck waterproofing can help prevent costly damage such as wood rot, mold/mildew growth, warped boards, peeling paint, etc. To ensure that your deck and home are not affected by water damage, your deck must be waterproofed, and it must be done properly. This will be the key to protecting your home against the spread of water damage and help extend the life span of your deck.

Should Homeowners Do It Themselves?

When it comes to waterproofing, you should always hire a professional for installation rather than consider this a DIY project. Under-deck waterproofing is a complicated process that requires many steps and materials to be installed correctly. If you try doing this yourself, there’s no guarantee that everything will go smoothly, and you may do more harm than good.

At Thome Waterproofing, we have the experience and expertise to do the job right, as well as the tools and equipment needed to ensure installation is done properly. Even the best waterproofing materials, waterproofing membranes and deck waterproofing systems are only as good as the crew that installs them.

The professionals at Thome will ensure you have the right materials installed the right way. Additionally, we can handle most deck waterproofing jobs in just a few days, so that you can get back to enjoying your deck and your backyard.

Why Thome Waterproofing?

Our team of skilled contractors is here to help you with any of your waterproofing needs: residential and commercial. In addition to under-deck waterproofing, we also specialize in several other waterproofing services such as balcony waterproofing, pool deck coatings, concrete deck coating, below-grade waterproofing and more.

Additionally, if your deck boards or deck structure already have water damage, we can offer you repair services along with our waterproofing to restore this structure to like-new condition.

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