Deck Coating: Liven Up & Cool Down Your Pool Area

In sunny Southern California, our pools can be in use for much of the year. However, if your concrete pool deck is looking a bit worse for the wear, it’s probably time to have it repaired and have deck coating applied. We can help transform your pool area, but first, let’s take a look at deck coatings and some of the benefits this service can provide.

1. Deck Coating Prevents Damage

Concrete pool deck coatings help protect your deck from damage caused by exposure to water, UV rays, chlorine, and other pool chemicals. These coatings enhance the lifespan of the pool deck by creating a barrier against wear and tear, chipping, and cracking.

Concrete pool deck coatings seal the porous concrete, preventing the absorption of water and pool chemicals which can damage the structural integrity of the deck over time. A well-applied concrete pool deck coating also can make the surface easier to clean, as it provides a seamless and nonporous finish.

2. Deck Coatings Can Provide Temperature Control

If you’ve ever scorched your feet on a sizzling hot day, you know how uncomfortable this can be. However, waterproof deck coating can help keep your pool deck cooler in the summer.

They reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it, creating a more comfortable surface for bare feet. These are often known as cool pool deck coating, and you definitely will notice that your pool deck surface is more comfortable once we apply his type of coating to existing pool decks.

3. Deck Coatings Increase Safety

Most pool deck coatings provide a textured, non-slip surface, crucial for poolside safety to prevent slips and falls. While coatings can be untextured, we always recommend textured coatings for all high-traffic areas. This includes pool decks and walkways and even balconies. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and if you own or manage a commercial property, textured coatings can reduce your insurance risks.

4. Deck Coatings Are Cost-Effective

Regularly applying deck coatings, every two or three years, can ensure that your pool deck remains in good shape for the long haul. Coating an existing concrete pool deck can be much less expensive than resurfacing with new materials, and we can provide you with concrete repairs if needed.

5. Deck Coatings Are Attractive

While safety and preventing damage are huge reasons to opt for deck coating services, we also want to make a case for how our decorative coatings can completely transform the look of your backyard!

Concrete pool deck coatings can be tinted in a wide array of colors and patterns to match your home’s style or your personal preference. They also can mimic more expensive materials like stone or tile.

The Deck Coating Process

Coating a pool deck is a multi-step process that requires careful preparation and application for the best results. Here are the steps typically involved in the process.

1. Clean the Deck: The first step is to thoroughly clean the pool deck to remove loose dirt, algae, mold, or stains. This may involve pressure washing the area to ensure that it’s as clean as possible.

2. Repair Damages: Before applying the coating, any cracks, chips, or other damage in the concrete should be repaired. The surface must be as smooth as possible to allow for an even application of the coating.

3. Prepare the Surface: Depending on the specific coating product being used, the concrete surfaces may need to be etched or primed to ensure proper adhesion of the coating. Etching often involves applying a mild acid solution to open up the pores of the concrete, while priming can help seal the surface and create a more uniform substrate.

4. Apply the Coating: The coating is then applied according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This might be done with a roller, brush, or sprayer. In some cases, multiple coats may be required.

5. Add Texture: If the coating product doesn’t inherently provide a non-slip surface, a texture may need to be added. This often involves broadcasting a material like sand or grit onto the wet coating, then sealing it in with a final coat of the product.

6. Allow to Dry: The coated deck needs to dry completely before it’s used. The necessary drying time can vary based on the specific product, but it’s typically at least 24 hours and sometimes 48 hours dry time is recommended.

7. Seal the Coating: Finally, some types of deck coatings may require a sealant to be applied over the top for added protection and longevity. This also needs to dry fully before the pool deck can be used.

Keep in mind that these are general steps, and the exact process can vary based on the specific product used and the condition of the deck. We strongly recommend hiring a professional, such as Thome Waterproofing, to ensure the job is done correctly.

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