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AQUAFIN-2K/M Waterproofing

In addition to its versatility, AQUAFIN-2K/M boasts many other advantages including:
– Resistance to water and abrasion.
– Withstands pedestrian traffic.
– Contributes to LEED.
– Environmentally friendly; low odor.
– No priming necessary in most cases.
– Breathable (not a vapor barrier).
– Resists abrasion, mechanical wear, and deicing salts.
– Resists strong hydrostatic pressure.
– Excellent root resistance.
– Resistant to concrete aggressive water.
– Active barrier to carbon dioxide.
– Permanently flexible; self-curing.
– Available in several paintable colors (color matching available).
– UV, weather, and freeze/thaw resistant.
– Solvent free.
– Does not support the growth of mold and mildew.

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