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Bentonite Injection Grout for Remedial Waterproofing

Unlike many remedial waterproofing products that are applied as a surface treatment to the interior of the foundation, Bentogrout is applied to the exterior of the building where it stops the water before it can penetrate the structure and further corrode the reinforcing steel. The thick Bentogrout membrane covers the exterior surface of the structure filling voids in the adjacent soil and bridging over small cracks in the concrete. Additionally, Bentogrout has the ability to self-seal if the structure settles; therefore, its performance is not limited by future hairline cracking in the concrete. Bentogrout does not shrink or dry out in sub-surface soil formations and is not affected by freeze/thaw cycling. Furthermore, it remains flexible, maintains a putty-like consistency over time, and retains a swell potential to seal itself off. Bentogrout can be pumped from above-grade, outside the structure without excavating, or from the interior of the structure through drilled holes in the walls or floors. Lastly, since Bentogrout primarily consists of a natural mineral, it is friendly to the environment and will last the life of the structure.

Further applications of VOLCLAY BENTOGROUT include:
– Concrete and masonry foundation walls.
– Manholes.
– Utility vaults.
– Foundation slabs.
– Tunnels.
– Sheet piling.

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