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CETCO Voltex & Voltex DS Bentonite Geotextile Waterproofing

The two geotextiles comprising CETCO Voltex are interlocked by a patented needle-punching process which encapsulates and confines the bentonite. CETCO Voltex DS ® integrates a polymer liner bonded to the outside surface of the nonwoven geotextile. The polymer liner provides extremely low permeability for water vapor and gas transmission. The combination of its strong geotextile fibers and the impermeability of bentonite make CETCO Voltex waterproofing membrane impervious to inclement weather and other waterproofing pitfalls.

Other features and benefits of CETCO Voltex and Voltex DS include:
– CETCO bentonite is contaminant-resistant to assure optimum performance in saline or contaminated water.
– Forms a continuous mechanical bond to concrete.
– Average adhesion value of 15 lbs per linear inch.
– Can be installed on green concrete in any weather.

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