Planter Waterproofing: Why You Need This Service

If you’re looking to improve the look of your property, either a private home or a business or an office park, adding decorative planters is always a smart option. However, planter waterproofing is crucial to protect this investment, and Thome Waterproofing can help.

Planters can cost many thousands of dollars to install, not to mention the cost of plants and trees. While planters can be expensive to install, they truly can be a wise investment as they substantially improve the ambiance of your property. Still, you’ll want to ensure your planters last, and you don’t want the water runoff from them to damage adjacent structures.

With proper planter waterproofing, your planters should last for many years, but many homeowners or landlords neglect this step. Let’s dive into why it’s vital to waterproof planters.

  1. Avoid Mold & Mildew

Planters can be very moist environments. When you combine the fact that they are wet with soil and often feature low light, you have the perfect conditions for mold to develop.

This is more likely to occur if your planters are housing low-light plants. Without completing planter maintenance, the mold can affect the plants in your planter and may eventually cause root rot.

While most planting pots will have drainage holes, water can pool underneath the planter and help cultivate the mold if the water can’t flow away. Planters placed near exterior walls can spread mold to the walls of your home or office. This leads us to the next major issue when not waterproofing your planters.

  1. Lack of Waterproofing Can Ruin Adjacent Structures

Planters that are not maintained tend to break down, and water can seep through the containment walls of the planters and damage adjacent structures. For instance, you might notice damage to the exterior walls of your home or office or you might notice that adjacent wood decking has water damage.

Once water seeps into walls and wood decking, it can cause mold as stated above, but it also can cause dry rot. Water damage can be expensive to repair, and this moisture and dry rot can be a breeding ground for termites. Of course, we also recommend proper deck waterproofing, as well, as this also can help prevent water damage and termite infestations.

  1. Planter Waterproofing Protects Your Plants

Proper planter waterproofing not only protects the structure of the planter and surrounding structures but also ensures some moisture remains in your planter bed, ensuring that the plants and trees in your planter have adequate moisture.

And, if you’re in a warm and dry climate, such as our service area, which includes the Los Angeles metro area, planters tend to dry out faster, which can kill off the plants. While it is crucial that you water plants and trees regularly, with proper waterproofing and drainage, this ensures that your planters hold only the amount of water necessary to maintain moist, healthy soil.

  1. Waterproofing Slows The Aging Process

Planters need to be aesthetically pleasing, as they can be the main focus of an area. Whether the planters provide decoration at a private home or for an office park or apartment community, the planters need to stay in good shape. Otherwise, what once was an attractive feature quickly can become an eyesore.

Without quality planter waterproofing, you may start to see signs of structural damage, such as cracking, mold, and peeling paint. Waterproofing can ensure that your planters look just as good as they did immediately after installation.

As mentioned above, installing planters is expensive, but repairs can be just as costly. Neglecting the need to waterproof your planter will mean you need to replace or repair them. This can include removing all of the plants and soil to add waterproofing and drainage.

  1. Waterproofed Planters Can Improve and Boost Your Home’s Value

According to Fortune Builders, landscaping has a great return on investment of nearly 100%. This means well-tended flower beds, healthy trees, and high-quality planters will give back as much as you put into them. When potential buyers ask, they will be pleased to know that the planters were waterproofed properly.

If you own or manage an apartment community or office park, attractive planters might not seem important, but great landscaping and lush plants can attract new tenants and with a great-looking property, you may be able to increase rents and maximize your profits.

  1. Waterproofing Can Increase Safety

In the state of California, you as a property owner can have a lawsuit brought against you if someone is injured on your premises. A leaking planting box can cause someone to slip, and poorly waterproofed planters can crack the walls of the planters and potentially the sides of the planters could break off and cause an injury to a tenant or customer.

Also, the California Balcony Act of 2018, also known as Senate Bill 721, requires owners to make good repairs to the balcony. If your planter is situated on a balcony, as a business owner or property manager, you could also be required to waterproof it.

Whether it’s a requirement or not, balcony waterproofing is highly recommended as this protects the structure of your balcony and helps you avoid costly repairs. The team at Thome Waterproofing can help with balcony waterproofing as well as planter waterproofing.

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While planter waterproofing has many benefits, we know that there are quite a few waterproofing companies out there and it can be tough to select the best vendor. Why choose Thome Waterproofing?

At Thome Waterproofing, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality waterproofing services and our team has extensive experience with a wide range of waterproofing materials and systems. We can ensure that the materials we select protect your planters for many years to come.

Whether you are a homeowner planning on adding just one or two planters or you are a business owner looking to upgrade your property with new planters or simply improve existing planters, we have the experience needed to ensure that your planters have proper waterproofing and drainage, as these two components work hand in hand.

Our experience doesn’t just extend to planter waterproofing. We also can provide you with deck waterproofing, deck coating, and complete below-grade waterproofing for any type of construction project. Give us a call today and let’s get started on your waterproofing project.