5 Reasons To Invest In Quality Pool Deck Coatings

As summer quickly approaches, it’s time to get that backyard into great shape, especially if your yard features a swimming pool. One way to quickly improve the accessibility and aesthetics of your pool area is with new pool deck coatings. Let’s dive in (no pun intended) and take a look at some of the benefits you’ll enjoy from quality deck coatings.

1. Enhanced Durability & Longevity

While concrete pool decks are meant to last for many years, with proper pool deck coating and waterproofing, you often can extend the lifetime of these decks. Our coatings shield the underlying concrete from environmental elements that can cause wear and deterioration.

Concrete pool decks are subjected to a lot of foot traffic, furniture movement, and general physical activity. A high-quality coating provides a hard, resilient surface that withstands these stresses better than uncoated concrete. This physical resistance helps prevent surface abrasions, gouges, and other forms of wear that can occur over time, keeping the deck functional and visually appealing for a longer period.

Temperature fluctuations can cause concrete to expand and contract, which over time can lead to cracking. High-quality coatings are formulated to be flexible, accommodating the concrete’s thermal expansion and contraction without cracking. This elasticity helps maintain the integrity of the deck surface through varying temperatures, particularly important in outdoor environments. 

Exposure to sunlight can fade and degrade many materials. A high-quality concrete pool deck coating typically will be formulated with UV inhibitors that protect the deck from sun damage. This means that the colors and finish of the deck will not fade or degrade as quickly as uncoated surfaces, keeping the deck looking fresher and vibrant for longer periods without needing refinishing.

2. Improved Safety Features

Deck coating doesn’t simply improve the look of your pool deck, it also increases safety. One of the primary safety features of a quality concrete pool deck coating is its skid-resistant texture. Pool decks are prone to becoming slippery when wet, which poses a significant risk of slips and falls.

High-quality coatings can be finished with slip-resistant textures that provide better traction and grip. Even when the pool deck surface is wet, the textured surface can greatly reduce the risk of accidents around the pool area.

Some coatings are designed to reflect sunlight and reduce surface temperature, making the deck safer and more comfortable for bare feet. These are known as cool pool deck coating materials, and they are highly recommended for all new and existing pool decks.

This is particularly beneficial during hot weather, as the cool deck coating prevents the surface from becoming too hot and potentially causing burns. 

A coated surface minimizes the places where water and debris can accumulate, reducing the risk of slipping on pooled water or tripping over cracks and uneven surfaces. By filling in and sealing cracks, a quality coating keeps the deck even and free of potential trip hazards.

3. Aesthetic Flexibility

High-quality coatings come in a wide range of colors, from natural earth tones to vibrant blues and greens. This broad color palette allows for seamless integration of the pool deck with the surrounding landscape or matching it to the home’s exterior design. Homeowners can choose subtle tones that blend with their environment or opt for bright, bold colors to make a statement.

Beyond color, these coatings can be applied in various textures, from smooth and polished to rough and textured. These textures not only contribute to safety by reducing slipperiness but can also mimic other materials like stone, brick, or wood, providing an upscale look without the cost of these materials. Patterns can be added to create unique designs, such as geometric shapes or waves, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the pool area.

4. Increased Property Value

The spring and summer months are prime home-buying season, and if you are thinking about selling your home, an attractive and well-maintained pool deck can increase your property’s market value and appeal.

If you are considering placing your house on the market, we recommend scheduling pool deck coating, but also we can provide additional coating and waterproofing services for all of your concrete walkways, decks and balconies. Deck waterproofing and balcony waterproofing protect your deck materials, but they also improve the appearance of these structures which can entice buyers.

As a side note, a few other services also can quickly improve the look of a home. For instance, having your windows washed (inside and out) can make your whole home shine. Hire a gardening service to clean up the yard, trim trees and shrubbery and perhaps add a few new plants to make the exterior look its best.

5. Enjoy Easier Maintenance

At Thome Waterproofing, we only use the highest quality waterproof deck coating materials, and this not only looks fantastic, but it is also much easier to clean and maintain a well-coated deck.

These deck coatings are designed to be non-porous, and this means they won’t absorb spills such as suntan lotion, beverages or even chemicals such as chlorine. We do, of course, recommend cleaning up any spills as quickly as possible, but these pool deck coatings definitely make cleanup a snap.

Pool deck coatings also protect against mold and mildew. Not only do the coatings provide a barrier against moisture penetration, but many coatings also contain additives that inhibit the growth of mold and mildew.

How Often Is Deck Coating Needed?

At Thome Waterproofing, we recommend scheduling this service about every two years, although this can be extended sometimes with proper cleaning and maintenance. Removing dirt and debris and cleaning up spills promptly can help extend the life of your coatings.

Keep in mind that you might need coating more frequently, especially if your pool deck is used frequently or we have several winter seasons with especially severe weather. Rain, wind and sunlight take their toll on your pool deck, so if you notice that the decking has small cracks or perhaps it’s becoming harder to clean up stains or perhaps you have begun to see mildew or mold, these are signs that it’s time to reseal the deck.

Trust Thome Waterproofing For Deck Coatings & More!

Providing quality pool deck coatings for residential and commercial properties is just one of our areas of specialization. Our waterproofing contractors also can provide foundation waterproofing, retaining wall waterproofing, crawlspace waterproofing and even below-grade waterproofing (including blindside waterproofing) for any size project.  No matter what type of waterproofing service you might need, the team at Thome is here to help and we serve the entire Los Angeles metro area, including Ventura County.