Waterproofing Companies: 4 Reasons To Choose Our Service

If you live in the Los Angeles area, we know that there are many waterproofing companies out there and finding the best one can be tough. The team at Thome Waterproofing can provide you with top-quality waterproofing and coating services, and there are several factors that we believe set us apart from the competition, including the following.

  1. High Level Of Experience

At Thome Waterproofing, our team has had extensive experience with both residential and commercial waterproofing. This sets us apart from many waterproofing companies that might only focus on residential waterproofing. While it might seem that there is no correlation between a home project and a commercial project, the goal of both of these types of jobs is identical – we need to prevent any type of water damage and we have experience with projects of all sizes and scopes.

Because we’ve had experience with a wide range of projects, we know the best practices for protecting your structures from water damage. Water damage can cause problems such as toxic mold infestation and foundation settlement issues, as well as providing the ideal breeding ground for termites. All of these issues are difficult and expensive to fix, and waterproofing is your best line of defense against these types of issues.

  1. Range of Services

At Thome Waterproofing, we specialize in several types of waterproofing, and, as stated above, we offer both residential waterproofing and commercial waterproofing services. We offer below-grade waterproofing, below-slab waterproofing, planter waterproofing and waterproof deck coating services. All of these services can protect your home or business from water damage and save you from having to make costly repairs.

Additionally, we also offer decorative coating services, which can transform ordinary concrete into something that truly catches the eye. We offer decorative coating for patios, pool decks, driveways or for any other concrete on-grade location in which waterproofing is not required. Whether you need pool deck coating, crawlspace waterproofing, foundation waterproofing or another waterproofing-related service, we are equal to the task.

  1. Extensive Staff

Some waterproofing companies outsource their employees, while other companies might have a small staff, which limits their ability to take on multiple projects or larger jobs. At Thome Waterproofing, we have a large, experienced staff of permanent employees. We don’t use outsourcers for our jobs, as this can affect the quality.

You need to select a waterproofing company where all of the employees fully understand every part of the waterproofing or coating process. Additionally, we use only the highest quality materials for every waterproofing project, ensuring that each job is completed correctly and provides clients with a long-term waterproofing solution.

  1. We Are Bonded, Licensed & Insured

Legitimate waterproofing companies are bonded, licensed and insured. But what does this really mean to you, the consumer? A company that is “bonded” has secured money in place in case a customer files a complaint. This is money that the company does not control, and the bond is issued by an insurance company or surety bond company.

Insured means that we have insurance in place if one of our employees is injured on the job, and licensing is just what you think – we have a license to perform waterproofing services and license numbers should be listed on a website and on any advertising from a waterproofing company. Additionally, we carry general liability insurance, which protects the homeowner and their property. Representatives from legitimate waterproofing companies should be able to show that they are licensed, bonded and insured. If they cannot provide you with this information, find another vendor.

Types Of Waterproofing Services

There are several common types of waterproofing that you might need, including:

Below-Grade Waterproofing

When we talk about “below-grade” waterproofing, we are referring to any part of a structure below the grade line or what you might picture as the dirt level, ground level or entry level of a building.

While homes in California rarely have a basement, it is not uncommon for commercial buildings to have below-grade rooms, such as a subterranean garage. In some cases, a homeowner might have a below-grade structure such as a garage or perhaps a wine cellar. All areas below grade need substantial waterproofing, otherwise, groundwater or water from excess rain can seep into the structure and cause damage.

Below-Slab Waterproofing

In many cases in California, there isn’t much below-grade structure, but there is a foundation or slab. This slab must be adequately waterproofed for the same reasons as listed above. Without adequate waterproofing, you risk water damage and mold, and those types of repairs can be costly, cumbersome and time-consuming.

Planter Waterproofing

A decorative planter can add ambiance to any yard or commercial property, but if these structures aren’t waterproofed correctly, this can cause structural damage. You end up with water seepage, paint damage, cracks and, potentially, structure failure which can be costly to repair and can damage your expensive plants and trees.

Deck Coating Services

If you have a deck or balcony, waterproof deck coating services can protect this structure from damage for many years. In addition to providing waterproofing services for your deck, we also can handle many repairs, ensuring that your deck or balcony, whether wood-framed or concrete, is in perfect condition.

Decorative Coating Services

While we offer many services that will protect your home or commercial property from damage, we also can provide you with beautiful decorative coatings. Decorative coatings can brighten up drab concrete surfaces, such as patios, pool decks, walkways and driveways.

If you’ve been searching for waterproofing companies, give the team at Thome Waterproofing a call today. We serve the entire Los Angeles metro area, including Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Encino and beyond, including areas in Ventura County.