Deck Waterproofing: 3 Reasons To Hire A Pro

Proper deck waterproofing ensures that your deck will last for many years, but many homeowners consider handing sealing and waterproofing tasks on their own. However, there are several compelling reasons to hire a professional waterproofing service instead of trying to tackle waterproofing on your own.

  1. Professionals Save You Time

Deck waterproofing isn’t a quick process nor a particularly easy process. The steps include clearing off the deck and ensuring nearby plants are protected. The deck has to be cleaned, typically with a pressure washer, and this takes time as we have to ensure that every part of the deck is perfectly clean, even between the deck boards. From there we may need to sand some of the wood, either to remove splinters or to get rid of any old sealant that is still on the wood. In some cases, deck repair and some wood replacement might be necessary.

Once the deck is clean and in good repair, we can apply the waterproofing materials, which requires the use of protective clothing, gloves and safety goggles. In many cases, two applications of deck coating materials will be needed to ensure that every part of your deck is sealed properly. All of this takes many hours, and most homeowners probably would prefer to spend their free time handling other tasks than the messy, tiring job of deck waterproofing.

  1. Professionals Select The Best Products

At Thome Waterproofing, we can waterproof just about any kind of decking material you might have. Whether you have a plywood deck, redwood deck, concrete decking, composite or perhaps tile or marble, we will select the best waterproofing materials for your deck. Many of these products can be tricky and hazardous for homeowners to apply, so it’s usually recommended to hire a professional deck waterproofing company. We use a variety of deck coating materials including Carlisle Coatings, Elasto Fiberdeck 100, Enduro-Kote XL, MiraSEAL, Dex-O-Tex Neobond and BASF deck membranes.

  1. Professionals Ensure Quality

Applying deck coatings can be tricky, and it’s not uncommon for homeowners to end up with some streaking or even to miss a few spots. Homeowners also don’t typically have the proper equipment needed for waterproofing either, and, of course, professionals have everything they need on hand to apply coatings to your deck.

However, it is important to hire qualified licensed deck waterproofing professionals. Not only do you need to find a licensed, insured and bonded waterproofing company, you also need to find professionals that have extensive experience with a wide range of materials. Many of our competitors offer only one type of waterproofing system with various finishes and while they will claim their system is the best approach, what they really mean is that they only have experience with one of installation.

At Thome Waterproofing, we have extensive experience with many different types of decking materials and many types of decks. We can provide deck waterproofing for your backyard deck or porch, balconies, walkways, concrete pool decking, ceramic materials, tile materials and much more. Our team of professionals will ensure that every inch of your decking is waterproofed properly.

Why You Need Deck Waterproofing

Whether your deck is wood or concrete or tile or another material, the elements can take a toll on your decking materials. While we don’t tend to have a great deal of rain in Southern California, what rain we do have can damage decking materials and cause stains and spots. With wood materials, moisture can lead to wood rot and attract pests such as termites.

But when we coat your deck, it’s not just about “waterproofing.” While rain isn’t as big of an issue in Southern California, we do enjoy a plethora of sunshine and this also takes its toll on your decking materials. Dirt and debris also can damage decking materials and sealing and waterproofing your deck can preserve the decking materials for many years.

When Should You Hire A Deck Waterproofing Company?

If you’ve just installed a wood deck, it’s recommended that you hold off on deck waterproofing services for a month or more, depending on the type of wood that is used. Newly processed wood still contains a decent amount of moisture, so you need to give the wood time to dry out. Even a deck built with pressure-treated wood will need to dry out before the application of any stain or waterproofing.

With other materials, such as concrete and tile, we don’t have to wait weeks or months to waterproof, so this should be completed quickly after the deck construction is completed. After the initial deck waterproofing, your deck will need to be waterproofed again at some point.

For wood decks, it is often recommended that the deck be sealed every year, but this varies based upon your area’s weather conditions, how clean you keep the deck, and on the waterproofing products that were used when your deck was sealed. If you notice that droplets of water aren’t pooling up on the decking materials anymore, this is one sign that you might need waterproofing again, but we will let you know the best ways to extend the life of your sealant as well as providing you with a general timeline of when it is recommended that you seal your deck again.

Concrete and tile decks and walkways also will need repeat waterproofing services, but again it does tend to depend on weather conditions, usage and the types of waterproofing products used. High-traffic areas, such as concrete walkways or concrete pool decking in apartment complexes might need waterproofing more frequently than at a private home.

At Thome Waterproofing, we can provide you with quality deck waterproofing services for decks, walkways, balconies and more. We also offer planter waterproofing services, decorative coating services and below-grade waterproofing for residential and commercial properties. If you need any type of waterproofing services, we serve the greater Los Angeles area, so give us a call at any time.