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Our Client Testimonials

I want to thank you both for the generous amount of time you invested in R 1 Living both locating Thome Waterproofing and fully informing us with regard to your product. We are nearing the end of resurfacing our courtyard. It has taken one year from start to finish but I believe it to have been time well spent.

All of the product information and direction of how to proceed with removing the existing surface and how your product worked compared to other products was needed to make the final decision of vendor which, as a novice in waterproofing, is greatly appreciated. It allowed for confidence in the decision we felt would be pleasing to and doing the right thing for the community.

Thank you additionally for providing us with vendor names. We were certain that we really missed out with not being able to contract Espana. However, serendipitously we ended up with the perfect vendor for us to work with, Thome Waterproofing. They provided additional manpower upon request and mock up samples until we were satisfied and all with a willing and consumer-friendly attitude. Their manpower put total effort into doing a quality job. We couldn’t be more appreciative, thank you so much.

Lastly, I would like your recommendations for “how to clean” the surface, as in cleaning product. Is power washing not recommended? Is a product as Simple Green a compatible cleaner? Any help you can give us so we can forward this info to our janitorial service would be of utmost help. We are approaching our new waterproofing surface cautiously so it is not destroyed as was done by the decisions made by our previous management company.

It looks like we got lucky with AVM and Thome this time around.

Karen, R 1 Living HOA Board
The guys did a very nice neat job. I especially appreciated how they put plastic to prevent the dust from going into the pool and all over the place. They cleaned up nicely and I thank you for a job well done. Balcony floor looks great.
See you next time!
Geri W.
Dear Mr. Thome

My wife and I live in Breakwater Village in Redondo Beach. Your company recently re-surfaced the concrete here. We did have an issue with the initial surface on our patio. Your workers re-surfaced our patio. I am writing to let you know how professional and neatly they performed the work. Even to the point of moving furniture back on the patio after it had dried. Please thank them for me. They did a really great job.

Alan P.
You did a great job. Your men were very professional. We will gladly recommend you to others in the future.
Thank you kindly,
Barbara B., Beach House Lower Deck
Hey… the stairs look great! What a difference. Jacob, I have to tell you the men that came to work on our home were a great group of guys! Very kind and neat. We will tell anyone that asks ~
Thank you,
Sarah S.
Hi Jake,
Thank you again for being so responsive to our problem. As I indicated, I really owe you. But hopefully this is something you will never collect on.
My best wishes to you and your family,
Ken B.
Thank you Jake. Appreciate all your patience and old fashioned business style. You guys do a fantastic job.
Thank you,
Kathy T.
Thank you. Great job.
Judge Bruce S.
Thanks for the amazing work done.
Connie L.
Thank you. Beautiful job!
Michelle H.
Hi Jake,
Just a note to say thanks for a job well done. Guillermo and his helper did an excellent job and are conscientious workers. I was impressed at Guillermo’s ideas for solutions to unexpected problems they encountered.
I will thanks Paul White for recommending your company.
George M.
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