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Ecodrain E-Drain Board Application and Benefits Outline

ECODRAIN-E Drainage Composites eliminate hydrostatic pressure against below-grade structures and aid in desiccating saturated soil by collecting and conveying groundwater to a drain pipe; thus diverting it from the structure and protecting the waterproofing membrane. This reduced stress on the waterproofing membrane is critical to maintaining the integrity of the structure.

ECODRAIN-E boasts several features that contribute to its effective and trustworthy composition including:

• A lightweight, three-dimensional, highly flexible HDPE core, which provides resistance to chemical attack from the soil, a secondary waterproofing barrier, thermal resistance, and flexibility for easy detailing of corners.

• A polypropylene filter fabric, which is heat bonded to the dimples of the HDPE core. This bonding prevents backfill from obstructing the flow channels and reducing water flow. The filter fabric prevents debris from clogging the discharge pipe and significantly increases the effectiveness and lifespan of the drain system.

• Convex (rounded) dimple design, which reduces stress on protected waterproofing membrane or insulation board from backfill pressure while eliminating hydrostatic water pressure.

• Flexibility even in freezing temperatures.

• Variable widths, which ensure minimal overlapping of seams and cost-effective installation.

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