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Ecodrain-DS Footer/Strip Drainage Application and Benefits Outline

Ecodrain-DS Footer/Strip Drainage is designed for installation at the base of a foundation wall for the collection and removal of water from the below-grade structure. Ecodrain-DS accomplishes this by desiccating saturated soil by collecting and conveying groundwater to discharge points or sump pumps. This process effectively eliminates hydrostatic pressure against underground structures. What’s more, Ecodrain-DS Footer/Strip Drainage is durable and can be installed in almost any weather.

Ecodrain-DS Footer/Strip Drainage boasts several features that contribute to its effective and trustworthy composition including:

• A lightweight three-dimensional/high-flow drainage core.

• A non-woven filter fabric, which allows for the uninhibited passage of water into the molded drain core while preventing detritus from entering and clogging the core structure.

• Optimal effectiveness and service life of the below-grade structure due to increased water pressure through flow channels.

• Resistance to chemical attack.

• Protection from collapsing of flow channel.

• No maintenance required.

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