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Carlisle Coating & Waterproofing MiraDRI 860/861

CCW MiraDRI possesses a variety of qualities and benefits that set it apart from other waterproofing systems. These features, combined with our expert installation result in a reliable solution to your below-grade waterproofing needs. The benefits of MiraDRI include:

– Fully-adhered membrane consisting of specially formulated rubberized asphalt laminated to a high-impact-resistant plastic film—eliminates water migration which can cause leakage through cracks.
– Factory-controlled thickness—eliminates thin spots which could be easily penetrated, allowing leakage.
– Preformed sheet—eliminates pinholing.
– Environmentally friendly, water-based primer.
– Flexibility over cracks—elastometric properties accommodate normal expansion and contraction of the substrate.
– Resistant to hydrostatic pressure.
– Highest performance system with the best lifecycle cost.

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