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BASF Deck Membranes and Overlays

Below you’ll find a list of deck membranes and overlays offered by BASF and their various applications.

Deck Membranes
Applications: Parking decks, stadiums, balconies, plaza, foundation/basement walls, walkways, and balconies.

Conipur II Deck Coating System
A high-solids (99%) waterproof polyurethane traffic deck membrane. Conipur II is a two-component system for fast cure even in cooler climates. Sand is broadcast into the coating to give it excellent durability and slip resistance. Conipur II has a very low odor and is VOC compliant.

Conipur II Plus Deck Coating System
Conipur Plus is a low odor polyurethane deck coating system for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. This system combines Sonoguard base coat with Conipur mid and top coats. It forms a seamless elastomeric membrane and offers excellent durability and superior abrasion resistance.

Two-component, fast cure, aliphatic, chemical and UV resistant polyurea coating. Can be spray or roller applied on horizontal and vertical substrates even at low temperatures. IC-5400 possesses excellent color stability and can be used as an anti-skid resistant multilayer coating when broadcast with aggregate.

A liquid-applied, high-performance, waterproof membrane with an integral aggregate surface; it forms a continuous elastomeric, waterproof, skid-resistant membrane for use on parking decks, stadiums, balconies and other surfaces exposed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Sonoguard Tint Base Top Coat
Tintable Sonoguard top coat for pedestrian traffic areas consisting of 40 standard colors utilizing Sonolastic NP 2TM color packs. Sonoguard Tint Base can be used with all Sonoguard waterproofing pedestrian systems for applications on balconies, stadiums, plaza decks, exterior-grade plywood, and mechanical rooms. Excellent weatherability.

Sonoshield 580 DC Plus
A cemenitious coating specifically formulated to increase bonding adhesion for Sonoshield 595 DC and 590 DC. It can be used as the background or grout line color for each system. This product is used for positive-side waterproofing applications.

Sonoshield 590 DC
A one-component polymer-modified cementitious coating. It is used to protect and beautify concrete, mortar or masonry.

Sonoshield 595 DC
A two-component polymer-modified cementitious coating. It is used to protect and beautify concrete, mortar and masonry. It should be used only as a topcoat with a base coat of Sonoshield 590 DC, Sonoshield 580 DC, or Thoroseal 550i.

Tuf-Trac and Tuf-Trac Accessories
A water-based, slip-resistant acrylic coating for asphalt and concrete. It is formulated to last 3 to 5 times longer than asphalt and coal tar sealers and is available in 455 custom colors. When used with Tuf- Trac Accessories it provides a complete coating system for outdoor recreation areas and surfaces with pedestrian traffic.

Applications: Bridge decks, parking decks/ramps, and rail station platforms.

Trafficguard EP35
Trafficguard EP35 is a rapid-curing, skid-resistant, epoxy-based concrete overlay system. When mixed with aggregate, it can be used as a repair mortar. Trafficguard EP35 is a lightweight alternative to concrete and asphalt overlays.

Degadeck Traffic Deck System
Degadeck Traffic Deck System is a multi-layer, rapid-curing reactive methacrylate resin formulated as a coating for application over concrete substrates subject to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Degadeck Traffic Deck System can extend the life of parking structures by increasing waterproofing and wear-coating properties. This system is fast-curing, which reduces facility downtime, even in cold temperatures ranging from 14° to 104°F (-10° to 40°C).

Degadeck Crack Sealer Plus
Degadeck Crack Sealer Plus is a very low-viscosity, low-surface-tension, solvent-free, rapid-curing reactive methacrylate resin formulated to penetrate, repair and seal cracks in concrete substrates. It cures very fast, in one hour. On highway and bridge projects, this allows for fast return of traffic flow, contributing directly to worker and driver safety.

Degadeck Bridge Deck Overlay System
Degadeck Bridge Deck Overlay System is a rapid-curing methacrylate reactive resin formulated as an overlay and traffic wearing surface for concrete bridge deck. This system is extremely durable and fast-curing (within an hour).

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